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Herdade da Amendoeira

Smoked sausages

Smoked sausages of Amendoeira are made from free range black Alentejano pigs which are raised and fed with acorns and pasture. Acorns are rich in oleic acid, vitamins and minerals and their fat does not contain “bad cholesterol”.

The secret of our smoked sausages  lies in the curing method: the first  step consists in the smoking process using holm oak wood and a second one longer curing phase conducted under strict monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

The combination of our knowledge of tradition and the natural flavours of our meat culminated in products with excellent taste and a low-salt content, making our smoked sausages a must-have on your table.

Among the several kinds of smoked sausages, we recommend the  loin (in thin slices), the “painho” or the chourizo (commonly eaten either fresh or cooked),the “farinheira” (fried or baked) and finally, the  xara-head (sliced and seasoned with olive oil and vinegar).



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