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Herdade da Amendoeira

Destilaria Montemorense

Destilaria Montemorense it´s a distillery founded in 1893, with 124 years of existence. The liquors are distilled in cooper stills by tradicional method of manufacture, we innovated bottling and labeling technology fulfilling current legal requirements. By distillation of alcohol and herbs / fruits we obtain a unique distillate product: spirit. That's why these DM liquors are distinguished from others in the market which are produced using pure alcohol and flavourings. The liquors Poejo Montemorense (Pennyroyal Liquor) and Granito Montemorense (Aniseed-flavored liquor) are characterized by an exquisite flavour and aroma.

Destilaria Montemorense has produced various liquors for many years, its range was decreasing until 2001, when production was suspended were only produced Poejo Montemorense (Pennyroyal Liquor) and Granito Montemorense (Aniseed-flavored liquor). Reactivated in 2009, DM restarted prodution of these two liquors. After intense investigation and research, has developed Amarga d'Amendoeira and 9 more liquors added to the existing ones. This new range of 9 liquors presents a distinctive image, keeping old times quality and flavours.